Registration Is OPEN.
 Challenge Starts Monday January 8th at 2pm.
Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Custom Macros & Have Fun!
Open for the Industrious community and friends.

Get Lean and Strong

Custom macro meal plan to help you lean out while staying strong and full of energy.

Stay Accountable

Group coaching and weekly check-ins to keep you on track and making progress.

Weekly Challenges

Each week has new challenges to master. Earn points for your trophy t-shirt.
How It Works

1. Learn Each Week
  • Weekly Modules: New topics every week
  • Short and Sweet: Easy to understand, easy to watch and informative
  • Easy to apply: Information is there for you to take action!
How It Works
2. Use Your Skills
  • Weekly Challenges: Three challenges each week will push you to kick butt
  • Bonus points some weeks: If you fail to complete all the challenges, no worries! There are plenty of options to catch up.
  • Use Your New Skills: The challenges are there to help you take action and use what you've learned - that's how you get the results you want

3. Share Your Wins
  • Private Facebook Group: Each seasonal challenge has it's own private FB group
  • Accountability and Support: Share your wins, frustrations and get help from the community 
  • Weekly FB Live Videos: Catch your coach on weekly FB live videos answering questions and bringing the weekly motivation!
Tour The Challenge
Custom Diet, Weekly Challenges, Big Prizes!
Listen as Steve-o and Barry discuss the lifestyle program, what it is, what makes it unique, and why it might be right for you on Episode 3 or 16 of Industrious Radio Show.

Results or excuses, you just get to pick choose.
Do you choose to step up, take the challenge or will you keep doing things the old ineffective way.

The lifestyle program offers a new way to build habits, get lean, get strong, and have fun doing it.

Based on a cyclical approach, the lifestyle program will help you achieve your athletic and body composition goals.
Single Challenger
8 Week Lifestyle Nutrition Challenge for One
  • Custom Nutrition Plan (Macros, Intuitive, or Keto)
  • "Own The Open" Sport Nutrition Training
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Challenges and Accountability
  • New Training Each Week
  • Limited Edition Victory T-Shirt
TWO Challengers
8 Week Lifestyle Nutrition Challenge for two
  • Custom Nutrition Plans (Macros, Intuitive, or Keto)
  • "Own The Open" Sport Nutrition Training
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Challenges and Accountability
  • New Training Each Week
  • Two Limited Edition Victory T-Shirts
What You Get in The Industrious 8WK Lifestyle Program
Weekly Lifestyle Training
Custom Diet Plan: Get Lean
 or Get Strong
Group Coaching & Support
Weekly Challenges & a Badass Trophy
What does the training cover?
Each week has a different theme with modules and challenges to help you apply what you learn.

You'll learn about nutrition science, how to master meal prep, cooking ideas, sleep suggestions, ideas for recovery, how to build habits, etc!

You can watch the video at the top of the page for a walk through on what you'll learn.
Do I have to track my food the whole time?
You only need to track food Week 1 (hint...that might be a week 1 challenge). After the first week, it's all about figuring out how to work your diet plan into your life.

A huge part of upgrading your nutrition habits comes down to awareness.

We'll talk about different ways you can approach food quantity, but initially there will be weighing and measuring involved.
Do I have to be a member at the gym?
Nope! The challenge is open to the immediate Industrious community and our network of extended friends.
What is on the diet plan? Is it meal plans?
The diet plan will give you suggested macro nutrient targets based on your goal to lean out or improve athletics.

There are suggested foods you can use to hit your macro targets but you have the flexibility to decide your meals.

You will get an excel spreadsheet with your diet plan and a spreadsheet that gives you a variety of food options for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

Your diet plan has 3 phases, each lasting approximately 2 weeks depending on your progress.

Vegan diets are not currently supported at this time.
Do I have to eat Paleo? What about dairy?
Paleo is a pretty broad term these days and means different things to different people.

We encourage you to eat real foods as much as possible...which is kinda 'paleo' but this isn't about never eating a donut again or making some foods out to be villains.

We believe the Industrious lifestyle has space for all kinds of food and beverage choices including some foods considered 'bad' or 'dirty'.

Dairy or any specific food choice is entirely up to you.
Do I have a coach? Can I get 1-on-1 support?
You do have a coach and a support group you'll work with each week in the challengers only FaceBook group.

Your coach will be involved in the group, providing suggestions, clarifications, motivation, and a weekly FB live video to answer questions.

You can also message your coach for help if you get stuck.

1-on-1 personal coaching is not included in this program but we can provide recommendations if you want.

While we would love to work with all clients, we currently cannot accept clients with with diabetes, thyroid conditions, pregnant, breastfeeding, or a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases (including gastric bypass surgery)

CrossFit Industrious, the contents of this website and its diets are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem – nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician or registered dietitian. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health.
Is there an option if I don't want to count macros?
Yes! The challenge will allow you to pick your path, either using macros or learning how to become an intuitive eater.
How do the challenges work? What can I win?
Every week when your new training unlocks you can preview the three weekly challenges.

Each Saturday or Sunday, you report back to the group with your successes.

If you met or exceeded all the challenges you'll be awarded 3 full points.

On some weeks, there are options to get bonus points as even if you have some bumps along the way you can still qualify for the grand prize.

Everyone who earns at least 24 points will win a seasonal, one of a kind, Industrious Challenge T-Shirt!
What are macros?
Macros refer to Macro Nutrients: Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates.

All the food you eat is made of different parts protein, fat and carbs.

We will learn how changing the macro composition of your food, along with food quantity and quality, are the most direct ways to improve your body and performance.

We will review everything you need to know, in easy to understand and apply ways. No confusing jargon or weird pseudo-science allowed.
Fall Lifestyle Challenge
  • Weekly Training
  • Custom Diet Plan
  • Group Coaching & Support
  • Weekly Challenges & Prizes
Couples & Accountabilibuddies
Fall Lifestyle Challenge for Two
  • Weekly Training
  • Custom Diet Plan for Two
  • Group Coaching & Support
  • Weekly Challenges & Prizes